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    ‏ستمبر 30, 2012

    The period before the twentieth century A.D. was mostly dedicated to jurisprudence and mysticism as far as the Muslim world and Islamic knowledge are concerned. In sub-continent Indo-Pak, the calls for the revival of Islamic Knowledge and "Jihad" for which the hearts and minds of the believers were waiting, were heard only after Shah Waliyullah.
    It will not be wrong to call the twentieth century A.D. as the century of Quran for at least as far as the sub-continent Indo-Pak is concerned. More than fifty commentaries of the Holy Quran have been written in Urdu ******** during this period. The educated people have strengthened their relation with the word of Allah. Tafseer Haqqaani, Bayaan-ul-Quran, Tafheem-al-Quran of Imam Maudoodi, Tadabbur-e-Quran, Ma'arif-ul-Quran, Dawatul Quran, Tafseer Maajidi of Daryabadi, Tarjumaan-ul-Quran, Taiyseer-ul-Quran etc have been published.

    I think that the present (21st) century will be the century of Hadeeth Inshaa'Allah. It is the nature of this period that people no longer believe in the hearsay and the sayings unless the authority and reference is not provided. The tendency of getting closer to the Quran and Sunnah is to be seen everywhere. Inshaa'Allah new commentaries will be written for basic books of Hadeeth, especially Bukhari and Muslim. All the challenges of the present age will be met with the understanding of the Hadeeth. The domination of the Western knowledge and culture will be over. Muslims will look at their wealth of knowledge with care, without remorse and apology, and this great Ummah of the Prophet (S) imbibed with the spirit of struggle and belief will rise against the devil and his followers, for the ultimate elevation of the Word of Allah.

    Prof. Khaleel ur Rahman Chishti
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